verto 111

Luxury breathable CottonVelvet® fabric
Two way stretch for freedom of movements
✔ INSECTPROTECT® anti-tick/anti-insect coating
BELTLOCK® front closure and waist adjustment
YKK® reversible, automatic zippers
Hypalon® belt loops with eyelets for accessories
Easy accessible “jeans” type front pockets
Slim ankle adjustments for wearing inside boots
 Ergonomic and high positioned cargo pockets
ERGOTECH® Tailoring following body shapes
Slim ankle adjustments for wearing inside boots
Easy clean surface from scrambling plants
Made in Europe

Purpose built

Suitable for dry weather as for the hot summer days as well for the cooler spring and autumn. Created to be lightweight and comfortable for all day long hunting in temperatures from 10°C to 25°C. Made to be versatile and to positively improve the speed of movements of the hunter

They are perfect for the spring roe deer hunting as well for wood pigeons doves and quails hunts at the end of the summer. In late autumn or even some days of winter, they can be used for big game hunting with appropriate thermal underwear when temperatures drop below 10°C. The fabric is treated with amino acids based repellent against ticks and other insects. The pants have superior ergonomy, the stretchiness of the fabric and precisely positioned functional options for optimal functionality to me kit versatile without increasing its weight. They are thorn proof for most species as well easy cleans form scrambling plants.


Created in a way to follow the curves of your body, a way that only Hillman can achieve, these pants are indescribably comfortable, not only because of the ergonomic cut but also for the combination of innovation and engineering solutions. Their BELTLOCK® system for front fastening from the latest generation allows you to regulate their waist if you have had a bigger meal or you have gained a kilo or two during the holidays. The belt loops from ultra-strong Hypalon® are located in a way allowing them to be in the correct position for carrying a knife or a cartridge box. They are also laser-cut with eyelets for hanging of birds, keys, towels, and other accessories with weight of up to 2 kg. The cargo pockets are with optimal volume (without bulging like breeches), and their openings are located high so that you do not need to bend over. Additionally, they are located at a special angle in accordance with the HILLMAN® technology, so that you would have quick and convenient access to them, even when seated. The back pocket is developed in the same way – at a precise angle and that is why it feels as if your hand enters it on its own. All zippers are from the world leader YKK and are with garages for the heads, protecting the weapon from scratching. The laser-cut ankle garters from ultra-slim Velcro ensure comfort even if you put the legs of the pants in the boots. The fabric is treated with harmless amino acids repelling ticks and other insects for up to 20 washes. The pants are slightly elastic, allowing the fabric to loosen with movements, such as squatting and others which stretch the fabric. Thanks to this function of the fabric and the combination with ERGO® Tailoring Technology, you will feel incomparable comfort throughout the entire day, characteristic exclusively and only for the HILLMAN® hunting clothes.

Do not miss the chance to dress yourself in the premium luxury and comfort you deserve. Additionally, since these pants are the most affordable ones from the new HILLMAN collection, the sizes supplies are starting to run out, so hurry up!


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