3D Stealthtec Hunting Suit

3DX - 003
Wings3D - 005

Note: Sizes are produced larger for wearing over outer winter or autumn clothing

3D laser cut technology leafs or grass shapes
Thumb holes on the sleeves
Silvergear® anti-odor coating
Compact size when packed
Two-way front zipper
Waist regulator
Adjustable Hood
High front mask type collar
Pocket access openings on the jacket
Pocket access openings on the pants
Ultra-silent taffeta fabric
Chin/nose Protector 

The Latest Hunting Concealment Technology of the 21st Century

3D Stealthtec Hunting Suit features a 3DX version with realistic three-dimensional laser-cut leaves that allows you to seamlessly blend in the hardwoods. The 3D grass shapes of the Wings 3D version specifically developed for waterfowls will make you invisible in the reeds. Designed to be worn over the outer clothing, the Stealthtec 3D suit provides the ultimate camouflage while being exceptionally compact and light when packed.