Hillman Hunting

Hillman is one of the most innovative European companies focused only on the production of hunting clothes and accessories.
Known for its advanced solutions for functionality, iconic design, laconic elegance, and style, our products have proven their
unsurpassed quality to over 2 million hunters worldwide.

For the first time in the world, Hillman uses memory foam technology and magnetic closures in hunting clothing. The unique
Handsfree sling and Holsterpack became best-sellers worldwide. The revolutionary Chairpack provides thousands of hunters’
exceptional comfort during hunting. Now there is a belt locking system which could fasten your pants and eliminate discomfort
when gaining or losing a few pounds of your weight. Admittedly, this is just a small part of our progressive ideas.
Our team is steadily researching the latest trends and technologies. We invest much ambition, passion and hard work and
will continue to create not just hunting clothing and accessories, but real masterpieces for hunting, which will provide perfect
comfort and flawless functionality.

The most important thing for us is your satisfaction. We unconditionally guarantee the quality of each of our products and we
stand behind our guarantee and our name with longstanding investments of hard  work, efforts and experience.
Hillman exists to prove to each hunter that no other products can compare to ours in terms of quality, comfort, functionality,
latest technology and price and to show you that we are strongly connected with you in our maxim:

Size Charts

Your comfort matters to us! In order for you to feel like you were born to wear Hillman, we developed a Size Matching Chart that will improve and ensure ease in movements, and furthermore will guarantee a more successful hunting experience. 

Please, be kindly advised to refer to the specified chest and waist measures provided next to each one of the items sold on our website, as sizes may vary between different styles.


If you need assistance in selecting the right size or have questions regarding our charts, please contact our Customer Service team during regular business hours:

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