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AEROGEL insulation - created and used by NASA
 Ultralightweight - only 0.59 kg. / 21oz
 Good up to -25°C / -77F - 20% lighter in its category
UTURN® smart and precise Swedish lacing system
Dryhunt® nanoporous, air-permeable membrane
 12 cm / 5' waterproof level (industry-standard - 4/1.6') 
 Toe and heel safety stone protection
 Double-sided protection with a flexible polymer
 Protecting joints with flexible construction
H-FLEX® heel stabilization insole with cushioning 
 Lightweight shock absorber EVA midsole 
 Anti-slip and anti-mud rubber outsole
 Ventilated collar with memory function

✔ Water repellent all leather outer shell from Italy
 Convenient (four-finger) easy entry loops


Hunting boots ALPHA AEROGEL

Worlds' first hunting shoes with insulation technology used and developed by NASA

The boots are built to perform better than any other boots in its category and in extreme weather conditions for autumn-winter big-game hunting.
They are resistant to showers, immersion in water, and effectively can replace the use of rubber boots in deep snow.

The built-in ultralight Aerogel insulation which is used and developed by NASA for their astronaut suits delivers the lightest cold resistance on Earth for amplitudes from 10°C (50F) to -25°C (-77F)

The waterproof level test of 12 cm (5 inches) above the board is 3 times higher than the industry standard of 4 cm (1.6 inches).
To guarantee its total waterproofness, every single membrane sock is tested for leaks with high water pressure.

The nanoporous hydrophobic membrane Dryhunt® is exclusively developed by HILLMAN® and represents the latest invention in the membranes engineering.
Its superior air permeability (breathability) is 50 times higher than the #1 world-famous brand for membranes.

The shock-proof lightweight EVA midsole perfectly absorbs vibrations while the rubber of the outsole is formulated for superior cohesion and mud sticking reduction.

The boots are designed not only to be flexible and to allow all joints to move freely but to keep your feet stable when climbing rocky terrains.

360° board protection with two types of polymer materials guarantees the highest wear off resistance while allowing all foot joints to move freely.

The anatomic insole with H-FLEX® heel stabilization system has an integrated cushioning system that additionally absorbs the peak load and vibrations.

Swedish U-TURN® lacing system with super-precise adjustment allows the strength of lacing to be distributed equally and times better than shoes with laces.

 The technology is innovative and optimized to lace your shoes with fewer turns than any other lacing system. Also, you will love the one-click back release with a minimal force that works precisely like a Swiss watch, though it comes from Sweden. 

hunting boots with lacing system
The hunting boots Alpha Aerogel by Hillman are born to enhance your efficiency while hunting and to change forever the standards for premium footwear in the entire industry.
Ensure your feet with a guarantee to stay dry and warm all day, every day dipped in a top-notch comfort and functionality of the brand new premium class.

Buy now your impeccable hunting boots to see for your self their technical advantage and premium comfort from the first wear.